Graphene Batteries is engaged in development of safe and durable graphene based high energy battery materials. Our strategy is to build a key technology IP-portfolio for future licensing and production.

Our work is supported by our long standing expertise in high throughput experimentation and based on 5 year development work on scalable and automated synthesis of graphene derivates such graphene oxide (GO) and reduced graphene oxide (RGO).

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Our vision is to provide robust battery materials for a renewable energy ecosystem. We continuously aim to create durable battery materials that are reliable, safer and greener.

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 Graphene Batteries make a strategic alliance with GS International and The RS Group Sri Lanka


 Graphene Batteries signs agreement with CVD Equipment Corporation


 Graphene Batteries wins pre-project funding from Research Council of Norway


 Graphene Batteries signs agreement with National University of Singapore


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 Graphene Batteries joins Cleantech Scandinavia delegation to China