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High Energy Li-S Battery

Graphene Batteries AS develops high-performance and low-cost Lithium-sulfur (LiS) batteries that will support the transition to a carbon-neutral society.

Innovative materials

Graphene batteries AS developed  high surface area porous carbon material with 3D inter connected network. This structure has already shown extremely promising results when applied as both anode and cathode support. At the cathode it provides a strong and flexible host structure which can accommodate the volume expansion experienced by sulfur during cycling. At the anode it provides stabilisation of the lithium-electrolyte interface, which will allow reduction of the electrolyte/sulfur ratio from a typical "excess" value of 10 μL/mg to a more commercially relevant value of 3 μL/mg.


Future Markets

LiS batteries are commercially available in niche applications. The present market for LiS batteries is dominated by the aerospace industry. Graphene Batteries cell will initially target these applications.Our target markets are:
• Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)
• Maritime transportation
• Stationary energy storage systems (ESS)


Our Vision

Graphene Batteries AS will develop a novel battery system based on sulphur as cathode material and dendrite free lithium anode that could meet the demanding cell specifications for energy storage technologies, while maintaining low cost, long life and safety standards.

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